Since 1997 Wolf has utilized his vast industry and strong certification experience to provide the US wood and paper industry with an exceptional level of client service in association with highly experienced auditors.

Wolf has been active in the forestry and certification fields for over two decades both in the United States as well as in his native country of Germany. With his family having a history in the wood business, and after serving his country in the Mountain Troops, Wolf chose to make the wood and forest sector his profession.

After finishing his master’s degree in forest management and working as a trainee for a large and renowned wood wholesaler, he added an additional qualification in environmental consulting. He utilized this knowledge then to enter his doctoral studies about the integration of workers in environmental performance improvements in the wood sector. After gaining his Ph.D. with magna cum laude, he has held leadership roles first in Germany and for the last decade in the US heading FSC certification programs.

Responsible for certifying the downstream management and tracking of products from certified forests through the wood chain, he has audited hundreds of companies himself and helped thousands to successfully gain FSC certification. Wolf has written numerous articles in the area of environmental management in the wood industry.

Dr. Wolfram R. Pinker
(800) 450-0141

E-mail: wolf@nulladvancedcertificationsolutions.com